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Any unbooked time on the calender is open for public riding, but is available to booking reservations. Reservations cannot be made less than 24 hours in advance however, so riders can count on open times within the next 24 hours to remain as Public Riding time.

Anyone wishing to ride during public riding time must have a riding pass or a day pass.

Arena staff can end public riding up to 45 minutes prior to upcoming rental in order to prepare the grounds.

Public riding time is restricted to 10 hours per week for each person.

Riding for hire, riding outside horses, and giving instruction or receiving lessons are prohibited during public riding. These activities require an arena rental.

If the nature of your activity is such that the arrival of other riders would interrupt or inconvinence you, it's something you need to rent the area for.

The following guidelines are in effect for public riding times in an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for each and every rider and their mounts while at our facilities. Individuals failing to follow these guidelines will recieve an initial warning. A second offence may result in their riding pass being rovoked.


-Users will respect other users and their activity.

-Riders practicing “Special Activities” (e.g. barrels, reining, dummy roping etc.) shall stop the activity immediately upon the arrival of any new rider(s) unless the “New Arrival(s)” agree(s) that the “Special Activity” may continue. “Special Activities” must not, in any way, interfere with other riders. (see equpment rules)

-Individuals entering/leaving the riding area should verbalize their intent to do so (e.g. “Heads Up, entering arena or leaving arena”, “Gate” etc.) and wait for a response from those already in the arena.

-When you have a safe opening, enter/leave the arena. Those already in the arena shall respect those wanting to enter or leave.

-Use the center of the arena to mount and dismount or when stopping to make any tack or clothing adjustments. It is better and safer, however, to make Tack/Clothing changes outside of the arena.

-Slower riders should stay to the inside (away from the rail) and faster riders should ride to the outside.

-When passing another rider, if they are riding the (outside) rail, you shall pass on the inside. If the rider being passed is riding more than two horse lengths from the rail, you shall pass on the outside. Verbalize your intent to pass: (eg.“passing on the outside”).

-Always clean up the arena after use. Pick up and place all manure in the wheelbarrow after each ride. If necessary, please empty wheelbarrow in the outside manure storage bunk.

-Maintain a safe distance between your horse and others. One horse length or two meters (10 feet) is a good distance.

-Be generous giving right of way even it is not technically the correct right of way.

-No loose horses in the arena while others are riding.

-Be Aware and be respectful if another is having problems with a horse, is riding a young horse, or is a beginner or a timid rider.

-Riders should be riding in the same direction (eg. clockwise or counter-clockwise). If this is not the case, riders should follow 'road rules' and stay to the right of oncoming traffic.


-Equipment refers to things like barrels, poles, gates, bridges, ropes, ect.. Tractors and arena maintenence equipment IS NOT FOR PUBLIC USE.

-Equipment may only be used if ALL arena users agree to it.

-If at any time another user enters the arena, it is the responsibility of those using the equipment to ask EACH user and make sure that they are in agreement with the equipment stay up.

-If at any time someone is not in agreement with the equipment usage, then the equipment must be taken down immediately.

-Any equipment being used will be cleaned up and stored appropriately.



Midnight Stadium is one of the last remaining arenas that currently allows equipment usage during public riding. Please follow these rules closely to ensure that we can continue this policy.





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